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Originally Posted by Scooby24 View Post
Holy ****...that's why there are laws against sex with minors. Consent is not implied because at that age you have neither the experience nor the maturity or rational thought to make such an adult decision.

This isn't even a matter of empathy... If you don't get this, you are dumb as a mother ****er. Plain and simple.

How are people forgetting this girl was 12? A 12 year old cannot rationalize the repercussions of doing stupid things like this on the internet. Parents are definitely at fault for allowing their child unsupervised access to the internet and a webcam. Have they just ignored every public service announcement in the past 15 years about children and the internet??

Stories like this really upset me, and seeing ignorance in forums blaming the girl really piss me off...this was a little girl who's molestation brought on years of bullying and eventually her suicide. Those blaming her should feel ashamed.

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