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Originally Posted by Sound Performance View Post
Maybe with a larger intercooler, bigger cams and a better exhaust manifold the BMW would prove superior? It certainly does outperform the 2J at lower boost levels but there seems to be a bottle neck somewhere. And don't forget that you do not have to sleeve the 2J block to handle high HP. Both are great motors though no doubt!
The S54 runs at that BMW spec angle rather than straight up and down. That makes for some serious space restrictions on the exhaust side of the engine bay. I would bet 10 dollars that the the log style exhaust manifold that HPF uses is the bottleneck.

HPF has this recommendation that sleeved be used in their stage 4, however they had 1k whps being produced by a non-sleeved block if memory serves. Even with the extra boost pressure required to overcome the possible exhaust manifold restriction, it didn't seem to compromise the 0.020 over-bored setup they ran. So maybe sleeves are optional on an S54 setup targeting just over 1k whp. I may be wrong about this so feel free to chime in anyone.

Perhaps these manifold restrictions has been resolved in their drag setup, but the dyno readings through the TH400 auto doesn't really compare well to the 6spd, especially with that torque convertor. Does anyone know more about that?

PS, what angle is that S54 slanted at? Does anyone know for sure?
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