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Originally Posted by jabela View Post
It's still a lot of money to spend on a $9000 car, especially when E46 guys can get an LSD for $300.
you mean e30/36 guys can get a used random mystery lsd for $300. then spend $300+ in parts and 300+ in labor (or time) to rebuild it.

so = $900 in good diff for a $500 e30.......or $1500 e36. Not a very good equation at all! but worth it.

I race a E30, know all about this silly game.
Definitely shows up in lap time when its done right vs not done correctly (using random junkyard diffs that like to give up)

if one wants a $free solution and can handle some wheel hop (and potential axel failure) then welding the OEM open diff is actually not a bad option. cost $0 also

Originally Posted by jskeets View Post
Did you get an lsd installed into your car or know anyone that has used the wavetrac set up?

Wavertrack is popular with e90 crowd; many 335's run around with it. Looks nice although I'm not sure how good they are for lap time - I much prefer tracking with a clutch type LSD; its the general consensus among those after lap time.
Billet Original CNC LSD for 188K

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