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Originally Posted by BMW E465 View Post
Chloe FTW. You can teach her a lot about life and different cultures.. and plus, girls who aren't materialistic are typically the non-stalkerish/low-maintenance type. If you're looking for something serious out of this, focus a bit more on her i reckon.

As for game plan, I'm keen to see what the crew think up of. haha gl buddy

Thats true she can be taught. But the thing is. Im into going to nice restaurants and things where as she isnt. Well im not sure whether she is or isnt but she dosnt . Hope that makes sense. lol
I guess I should ask her? haha

Lauren on the other hand is into all that.

Like I'd hate to take a girl (or anyone for that matter) somewhere and them not appreciating it.

Again it might sound like Im up myself a little. But im a Chef by profession, hence im into good food and drink. And really know my stuff. Its fun going to a top restaurant and playing Masterchef!

I like going on dinner dates. As i feel its more official, than say mini golf or that sort of thing. And also im in my comfort zone (all be it on the other side of the kitchen !)

Anyway i msg'd Chloe last night. Just asking if she wanted to come to a track day me and a few guys have set up on the weekend (remember in the OP i said i wanted to see her sunday) she'll know a few people there too. Shes see come along to car events and enjoyed it and always asks me if she can come "next time". She said she was busy until 4pm but can come after ..to continue we msg back and forth for about 45 mins. She was with her boyfriend. having another arguement.
Im thinking i call her at about 2-3 and see if she wants to catch up on sunday!

No contact from the other 2. But obviously will see Lauren on Friday night

Sorry for the massive posts, but i want to get as much detail in so the experts can have the most info to deal with!

Originally Posted by TArse View Post
Ok. I was just wondering.

Skimming back over the OP Chloe might be a good choice.
Her not being OCD could be a great thing for you.
Like myself, I like having structured plans, my girl of 4 years is pretty laid back and doesn't care for strict/structured plans and it actually works out better than you'd think. In my case I get a mix of structure and spontaneous stuff.
We really compliment each others personality.

But it also seems like Chloe might not be ready for a relationship, as you described her previous relations and her declining your date offers.

I say pursue her, who knows, it could be love.
Ye thats what I think.
Its not really that shes declining me, i think she just get nervous. I think i intimidate women sometimes. especially her. She may feel as though shes not good enough this is where i need experts to come in!
She thinks im a player too

Last time when i asked her out. I was quite aggressive. I basically said "Let me take you out" and shes like ok. and im like "no, im serious, dont just say yes, then not do it. When can we do it" Shes all like "i dont know ill let you know" . i was just like "its really not that hard, just tell me a date, it can be like next month i dont care"
OCD i think kicking in. I hate things being up in the air like that

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