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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
Generally speaking, pretty dirty and inconsistent. Also very inaccurate. The Q3131 is US made, but check to make sure it's not the Q3131A stuff made overseas (Israel for that stuff). The Q3131A is junk. A lot of negative posts on it over on Lightfighter. Not too many people saying anything good about Q3131 either. My own experience with Q3131 has been okay for just general range use, but it's definitely a step down from Federal XM193. I would never run it in a class, but wouldn't have an issue running it on the range on my own.

Rainier Arms has the DD Mk18 FDE upper in stock.

Noveske should have their Mk18 in stock, as per their website. Rainier Arms can also order it, as they're the chief distributor for Noveske; though getting it direct from Noveske is pretty easy also.

There really is no difference between the two setups, except that one barrel is made in-house by Daniel Defense and one is made by FN (to Noveske's specifications).
Both come with a milspec BCG and charging handle.

Running a carbine gas system with a 10.3/10.5" barrel will require more buffering or spring weight to reduce bolt speed. Look at an H2 buffer with either a Blue or Red spring by Sprinco.
Thanks I'll just plow through it for range use then and save my xm193 for a class.

G&r tactical also had dd mk18 in stock last time i checked. Gun gallery in Jacksonville was about $100+ cheaper then anybody else i could find for a complete dd mk18 rifle so might want to give them a call too.

I just got in a red, blue, white springco spring and h,h2, t2 t1 and t3 buffer in so I'll report back when i get to the range what set up i stuck with.

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