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Originally Posted by TArse View Post
Chloe has a BF?!

Don't pursue.
1. It'll make you look like a dickhead
2. It's not respectful
3. I don't see how a relationship could even happen.

Stay friends with her for sure, you never know what may happen, but do not, DO NOT try to convince her to leave him. That's a low blow and she will more than likely see that.

As of right now I say Lauren. It could work out? And if it doesn't, **** it.
Ye shes been seeing this guy for maybe a year now?
Shes always complaining to me about him though. same old story.
She was telling me he broke it off Monday night. and when i was msging her she was seeing him because he wanted to "apologise"

Ye it may not be respectful. But the guy sounds like a mug to me.
I guarantee that Id treat her 100% better than this guy.

Why dont you think it could happen? If it ends with her guy, then its fair game isnt it?

Lauren.. im 100% NOT going to rush into a proper relationship. (shes got an off again on again BF) And remember a close friend of mine is not too fond of her. so i have to be sure with her.
we're going to dinner in a few days. ill let you know how it goes!

where the experts at? dont they post anymore? there was one guy in particular who used to bang on about indicators of affection and crap like that. thats what i need examples in. i need to see if it works lol

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