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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
It's not too difficult. Just remember that it needs to be punched out to the right/ejection port side. Spraying the sight with a penetrating lube a while beforehand also helps. Then it's just a punch and a hammer. The difficulty is in centering the new sight, which is why having a calipers is handy. That, or invest in a sight tool.

The Trijicons are nice, but the HDs are a mixed bag. I have heard instructors mention that the HD sights are good for rapid target acquisition, but cause the shooters to shoot high at intermediate and longer ranges. Apparently, the bright dot is forcing people to use the dot as the aiming point instead of the top of the front sight blade. Food for thought.
Yea, at that point I might just drop it off at a gun smith so it can be perfect...especially for an EDC gun.

Good info on the HDs, I'll do some searching before I pull the trigger.
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