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I bought a dei voice module and wanted to incorporate it into my oem custom alarm. Lol. I just wanted to add a little flavor to it. Thanks for the tip about the relay. Man those things are so useful. I never knew. How to use them until recently with you putting this guide out. I mean, the uses for these seem endless. So let me go over with you how I plan on hooking it up to create a ground when armed, sort of. Not a true ground when armed but good enough for me and I hope it works. Like usual, I'll run a constant power and a ground to 85 & 86. For 30 I plan on just grounding it and for 87a, I'll designate that as my ground when armed. Would that work? Oh yeah, what should I diode and what diode do you recommend? If you have any recommendations as far as wiring a true ground when armed, i would like to know by your input.
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