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Originally Posted by sammy2303 View Post
Reading these threads makes me glad I delayed acting on my "Positive engagement in drive position D delayed" issue. I am all set to
replace the fluid and filter but wonder if a TSB or firmware or software update could solve this problem. It occurs only when cold. Works better if initially shifted into M1 but some delays may still occur. It seems to depend on the ambient temperature and how long it's been sitting. Always worse in the morning. Otherwise it shifts responsively smooth up an down without delay. I have driven it hard and it feels tight and smooth. Only has 61K miles. Please advise...
I've seen cars with exceptionally low mileage weep fluids (ie bad valve cover gasket on an x5 with 30k miles) This could mean your trans pan has leaked some fluid and you are low. I'd try topping it off first before doing a fluid swap and seeing if you get appreciable results. The firmware update usually only helps for the coasting jolt error (bangs when downshifting 3-2 or 2-1)

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