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Lol. I totally didn't see that effect coming. Ok, so far I know it's the negative that pulses. I believe the red is. Somewhere around 5 volts, I'll double check the length of pulse and voltage on the negative wire. See the things is I think the stock alarm has a ground when armed. I tried tapping into not but it didn't work for some reason. Maybe I wasn't doing it right. There's this wire they call stdwa on factory alarm. I believe it's pin #5 black red and black. It runs all the way to the trunk where the tilt sensor is, connects to the sensor, and comes back to insert into pin #6t as red and black connected to central body electronics, the middle harness. I tested it for current and got around - 900 mA. Right now my scanning led has similar issues. It blinks when car is off.
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