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Originally Posted by zuckuss00 View Post
It was messy the way the writers terminated his character. Literally, within 20 minutes: lost job>lost gf>dead. Also, they were building the character up like he was going to play a larger role for the past 1.5 seasons. Either way, glade he's gone.
I felt the exact same way about it. All through the last season they built him up as if there was going to be a big reveal and why he was so interested in Dexter and what all was going the end guess he was just a crazy fvck: idolized Dexter but he completely shut him down, wanted revenge, random ass videos w/ hookers. So a bullet to the head did the job, and let them get rid of him w/o wasting an episode of Dexter putting him on his table. He got what was coming to him either way.

The direction they are taking this season has been straight mayhem, and I'm glad to see it. I feel people were getting tired of the full psychological and religious metaphors dealing with redemption and Dexter conquering his inner demons...audience just wants to see Dexter do his thing I am happy w/ all the varied story lines they are bringing in yet however have them all tie in one way or another. Dexter may have his hands full w/ these mobsters though, nothing like having a drug smuggling operation coming after you.
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