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Originally Posted by darksideracer69 View Post
How does the tune measure up to shark or aa?

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well, although this is my first tune i've ran for the e46, i like it a lot.

i had the AA tune on the 135i i used to have. honestly, i wasn't impressed. there are FAR better tuning options in my opinion. Shark tune is ok, although it's not really optimized for catless headers. shark tune is great if you're just planning on running an intake or cat-back exhaust. headers, on the other hand, have no business running a shark tune. there's SOOO much fuel that needs to be added to the mid-range on-top of the "shark" style tune, when you're running catless.

i had the eurocharged stage I tune, which is pretty similar to the shark tune from teh dyno's i've seen and the performance i noticed. my buddy has a zhp coupe with the bmw performance intake and a shark tune, i'd say the shark is essentially the same as the eurocharged stage I.

when i got headers, my car was running lean, poorly, and the performance suffered. i knew the headers were installed correctly, so i went back to eurocharged. they customized a tune for me without strapping the car to the dyno. essentially, i believe it's the same (or similar) tune that anthony@bimmerbrakes is going to offer with his headers.

BIG improvement across the RPM range. no comparrison to a shark tune. the eurocharged stage II tune is perfect for catless headers. much more meat in the mid range, the upper rpms' scream, too, but that could be a result of my technik headers.

either way, i think eurocharged is the best tuning outfit for the e46 based on my experience, what i've read about AA, what i've noticed about the shark tune, and not withstanding the other flash tunes that i have no experience in.
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