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Originally Posted by hummer View Post
No, No, No!
There are always two or more schools of thought when it comes to issues like these. A better service to members would be a poll to illustrate experience with these items rather than the sky is failling, replace everything now approach!
My experience:
Fuel pump - 10 years 160K, relay still Ok at 175K
Battery same. Alternator suffered a bearing failure at approx 120K
Cooling system - original tank, hoses and radiator still in at 175K
- water pump replaced when it actually started leaking at 114K

As you can see, if I had gone into panic mode at 60K, I would have spent a whole lot of money for nothing. The only thing on the above list to be changed regularly is the fuel filter. So, for a commuter like mine the experience may be totally different from a ham fisted tire burning drifter.
thank you for your perspective. i actually agree more with you than the JFOJ and e46mango types. my zhp is very solid, on the original fuel pump, battery, alternator, and cooling system. today, i preventatively replaced my cooling system largely because of a broken thermostat. i figure while i'm taking out the thermostat, it's probably a good idea to replace the radiator, hoses, water pump, and the other misc belts, pullies, etc. in the system.

but, my car has 90k miles. and it's a late 2004 build. so, i got an extra 30k miles, and a few years out of my cooling system before i went in about $400 for parts.

i'm not touching my fuel system (save the filter) until i start to notice the symptoms of an aging fuel system. i'll replace the pump and relay once i notice any "out of the ordinary" symptoms.

if i replaced my fuel pump, relay, battery, alternator, or any other parts that people cry wolf over, i might waste unnecessary money and replace fully functioning parts.

i might not have my zhp in a year; why go through all the spending, labor, and trouble fixing things that aren't broken?

i do agree that preventative maintenance is a good idea. obsessive, needless maintenance, on the other hand, well......
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