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Originally Posted by moiz21 View Post
Yup, did you? Didn't expect the kid to be Nolan's son. In retrospect, it should have been obvious. Just didn't pick up on it beforehand though. I like the direction it's going in, overall though.
Originally Posted by MrAdventure View Post
kinda figured the kid was his son halfway through, mainly because of the backstory bits.
yeah I saw it. I didnt expect it either but then once I saw them together I could see the resemblense. Idk why they split up once they we're on the train. They could have easily both gone after the son and got off the train before the bomb went off. But they have to keep it going so it works out. So now the mom told them about the pendant, how does the guy that attacked the lady with the computer and the militia all connect?

And why did the mom leave the family in the first place? I need more back story
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