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I have to admit, i like the idea of a 2JZ. It just has more room around it for better intake tubes and bigger exhaust manis. That right there gives the motor a big edge over the S52.
The ONLY way for the S52 to begin to get even close to matching the output of the 2JZ (same turbo, same boost) is for the S52 to breath better.
This means a modified intake tube with with a huge AFE filter. This part has been done by a few with great results.
Then you need to match things up with a much better exhaust mani...either a ported Steed (soon to be proven I hope) or a really well designed and built tubular manifold...either top or bottom mount. This part of the equation is being worked on by a number of different Enterprises.

I predict a big break through soon in S54 results when some of these tubular manis are combined with a modified intake tube and AFE filter.
It will be much easier to compare the two motors when the S54 is given better breathing capabilities via mani and intake tube.

I like the 2JZ for NOT having a VANOS. That is a huge plus IMO. Or maybe not.
I have never driven a 2JZ turbo. It may be that the power delivery is such that the motor is ONLY good at being a roll on or a drag monster. It may be totally unsuitable for any HPDE work.
As intriguing as the 2JZ is, I think the future of the S54 looks much brighter that it is at present. Bring on those tubulars and lets see how things look.'
I am convinced that the right combination of breathing is going to make the S54 MUCH more efficient and finally GET the max RWHP out of the PT turbos fitted in them.

Right now, the S54 is running typically at about 80% of what the turbos are capable of delivering. The simple reason for this is breathing bottlenecks, not tuning. I know Larry and Jason both have taken this line for some time now.
I am sure there are others who agree. This is the reason for all of a sudden seeing an explosion of tubular manis coming on the market. The question is, whose tubular is up to the task? I guess we should find out in the future.

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I know you have a 62mm turbo in this. I could not find a dyno sheet anywhere. What kind of power? Very interesting build. Was it cost effective..more or less?

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