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Originally Posted by Bayerische E46 View Post
I still maintain that 30 minute sessions are better. If a student can't handle a 30 minute stint the instructor will either instruct the student to slow or go in. It may be frustrating, but limiting yourself is one of this hobby's many challenges. Arguably, anyone who doesn't realize their limits or worse (e.g. realizes them and pushes forward with disregard) shouldn't be on track.

My $0.02
If I were in a novice, I'd be a little p.o'd that I'm not getting all of the time that I paid for if I were coming in early. Even moreso if everyone knows that street tires can't or unlikely to last the entire 30 minutes yet the sessions are 30 minutes.

These DEs are always geared more towards novice and intermediates. Most advanced drivers will eventually move on to other things. Club racing, chump car, instructing, become track members or quit altogether because it gets too expensive. One of the downers about moving up in the DE ranks is that you sacrifice for the newer drivers. In most cases, I've seen the advanced session the first to be cut shorter due to incidents in any group.

But I am now curious to see the reason behind 20 vs 30 minute sessions in this case.
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