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If you insist on maintaining the drop down ceiling then have you considered removing the acoustic panels and filling the space with sound absorbing insulation from Owens Corning ( or even foam insulation) and then replacing the current tiles with sound deadening tiles? That might help if you don't want to throw up sheet rock.

But honest, sheet rock is the way to go. Everyone always brings up the 'access to utilities' excuse and I did too when I did my basement several years ago. But how often do you need to work on the utilities in the ceiling ? Every 10, 20 years ? Maybe never ? Standard sheetrock is only 10 bucks a sheet. It's not going to kill you if you have to rip it off the ceiling and replace 2,3,4 sheets. The only reason I used ceiling panels is because they were already existing in the basement.

sound deadening insulation

sound deadening panels /solserene

sound deadening board

acoustic sound deadening ceiling panels

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