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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
Neither one of the ones in your picture should be used as a jack point. Many have gotten lucky and not dented the pan (at least visibly) if they used it once or twice. That doesn't mean you should use it.

Also Mango, what do you suggest for the front? When I get the whole front and rear off the ground I use 2x4s+ my jack to lift the front frame rail, then support it on the jack pads. If you jack up from the jack pads where do you put the stand?
eh maybe I did get lucky . I took my old plate off my coupe twice to do the FCAB's. Which sucks because those bolts are kind of expensive to replace each time. Anyways it wasn't crushed or bent like others have described happening when jacking up their cars. That's why I was just GUESSING that the older style may be stronger hence why I got away with what I did.

That little bump from pictures is were on the older style pre 01 had a jack spot.

For example DMAX's should have the front jack spot. His is special and was painted fern green from the factory.

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