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Originally Posted by Edgar3498 View Post
I do have access to e85 but could you explain I've never used this fuel. How would this help me I'm lowering the compression or how would it benefit me
Larry from SP has stated on several occasions that a FI build with a high compression motor (10:1) works particularly well when run on E85. I dont recall the reason why, although I am pretty sure he did explain it Perhaps if you email him (he hates PM's) he might join the thread. I have asked him to do this in the past. It might have to do something with anti knock. Not sure.

I do know that everything FI works better on E85 including spool time, lowered temps and more. E85 is extremely desirable now days to run FI in the street and track. There are generally more costs involved setting your car up to run E85, so it is a fairly large commitment. The benefits can be astounding. There are Stage 1 HPF cars with no meth injection running mild E85 tunes putting out 630rwhp ALL the 3.60 per gallon. You can run a lot more boost with E85 with no fear of knock. Limits usually surround the strength of your connecting rods.

A high compression build will also work fine on pump gas too.
The concept is that you will have much better throttle response, especially on the track for HPDE. A low compression motor just will not perform as well while it it out of boost.

I am not sure if it is even a good idea to consider E85 for a 330 motor. Possibly not due to internal component weaknesses. For the M3 s54 motor, yes, absolutely.
Most SC applications are left at stock compression. Turbo builds can be run at low or high compression on pump gas, race gas or E-85. The higher the octane or anti knock properties, the more boost and power you can make. This is also dependent on the strength of your internal components.
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