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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
I know you don't mean harm but do not ever jack up the car from the aluminum reinforcement near the differential. It should be lifted from the subframe body itself. As far as the rest of the points go, only the four jack pads around the perimeter of the vehicle. TIS reinforces this.

Under no circumstances should you lift the car by the "frame rails." Those aren't really rails, but merely boxed sheet metal. They're not meant to support the weight in the car in one spot as they aren't reinforced/designed for that purpose. Any creased/boxed sections contribute to the overall structural integrity of the vehicle and are not meant for lifting purposes. You can easily poke a hole through your floor pan if you do this, ,especially if the jacking area is small (like a small auto parts store chinese jack)
That's what I was afraid of. I haven't found any definitive answers on it at all, that's the problem I've had.

Some people have said you can hold them up by those "rail" things (though I just call them frame rails since they look like them and it seems to just be a carry-over from the old days), others have not. Honestly I do not know. I've always been nervous doing so, but it seems like it holds fairly well with a good block of wood. I remember a few places in which Bentley mentioned them.

I don't know, I need to do more research. I got most of that information from this thread:


It also seems to be a widely debated topic:


I would greatly appreciate it if you could help explain that to me, or if someone that used to be a tech can let me know. I've always gone right around that green spot with a plank of wood.

Edit: That part is called "Rear Engine Support," P/N 41117047885.


Thoughts, anyone? It looks like it's connected to part 1, "Front Engine Support," which is a very strong part. I am also noticing part 9, "Engine Support Reinforcement," connects seemingly right where it would join to that "Front Engine Support" (if it in fact does), which would make me wonder if this part actually is connected directly to "Front Engine Support." In that case, I would imagine that the closer to the front you are, the more stress you'd put on that engine support rather than the floor pan.

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