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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
Do you have just a broken flapper or do you also have a blown vacuum diaphragm as well?

The DISA can play some crazy games with the intake performance, cannot say for absolute certainty that the broken DISA flap can and will cause a lean code on only one bank, but you need to get everything sorted out to continue to rule out specific issues.

Depending on mileage, not a bad idea to replace O2 sensors, recommended at 100k miles anyway, fresh O2 sensors usually do not resolve lean codes, they usually help you see how bad things really are regarding fuel mixture issues.
Well, after I reset the lights, I actually am now getting lean codes on both banks, and other numbers consistent with a vacuum leak (see my above post). I don't think the O2 sensors are the problem. They're both behaving the same, and as you'd expect for a lean condition. Also, my code scanner has a specific O2 sensor test that includes the response time. Cool. Also, DISA diaphragm appears to be working well. And the pivot arm was completely circular--I doubt it's been working for quite some time.

Anyway, as I dug deeper I realized a couple of things:
1) I didn't actually remove the CCV lower hose
2) My dipstick O-ring is shot
3) Found an obvious broken hose at the SAP--from what I've read though, this shouldn't cause a code?
4) While trying to inspect another hose (looks like it comes from the CCV?), I broke it taking it off. Don't know if it was already cracked.

I had to put everything back together, as I ran out of time to work on it. So I'll be ordering both CCV hoses, the DISA repair kit, dipstick o-ring, and I may just get some stock hose for the SAP hose. Still not sure that I found my problem, even though I'm finding problems
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