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Hey man, Ive been struggling in the last couple of days trying to absorb as much info as possible on how to flash eu2 in the 323, just a couple of pointers:

1- You are gonna need winkfp 5.1.6 but all the inpa installs available come with 5.1.0 which wont work at all.
What u need to do is find the 5.1.6 setup package for winkfp and install that first then the rest of the inpa suite. If u do it the other way around and install the regular inpa suite then winkfp 5.1.6, it will SCREW up ur inpa install. I dont know if the mods allow links here for that kind of software so u are gonna have to find them, its not hard just make sure u use the right keywords.

2- I was only able to find one good working install of inpa 5.0.2 by some russian site, its the only one that worked right off the bat without changing anything.

3- You don't need the 20 pin adapter, u can mod the cap (not the connector but the actual cap that u screw onto the 20 pin connector) on the 20 pin connector under the hood by soldering pin 20 to 17 and severing the trace to pin 15, look at the inside of the cap and you'll know what i'm talking about. Again, I don't know if linking to other forums here is allowed or not so google "My DIS/INPA/SSS/CARSOFT/NAVCODER Interface" LOTS of good info in that thread, you just gotta know what to look for.

I went from a very iffy software setup (crashes and errors in every program, leading to a bricked dme) to a rock solid suite, have flashed my car 3 times already, the first time I was in panic mode and to "unbrick" my dme I just did a regular update newer US tune. This morning I flashed a 328 tune with the low compression setting(sluggish) and I just got back from a quick spin after flashing 7528744 "EU2 Exhaust Emission" and "Without Catalytic Converter" off of a 523, I'm gonna try the 528 tune during the weekend see how that goes.

This are just cliff notes, I gotta get to bed, I'm exhausted from kneeling all day in the avionics bay of an ah64d

Just let me know if u have any questions I'll be glad to help.

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