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Now the the front clip sheet metal won't be in charge of supporting the structure at all, I needed to tie the two front frame rails together again. This is how they looked after removing the brackets for the 'diving board' front bumper:

Passenger side, prepped with weld-through primer and ready to be patched:

Extendsions tacked in place:

With both sides tacked up, it was time to make up the cross bar. I decided to use the same 1.5" DOM tube that the roll cage will be made from. The first step was to measure the angle needed to fit the nose panel:

Then I used the bender to bend stuff:

Then I cut and notched the tubing to fit onto the front frame rails:

And here's how it fits with the nose panel in place:

With the cross bar in place the next steps will be to mount the radiator and figure out how I'm going to run the coolant lines. I also need to get the last turbo flare ordered so I can mount the front turbo parts and make the necessary body modifications.

Then I decided to take a break from the body/frame work and work on some of the other things that need to happen in the engine bay. Any guesses as to what this guy will be for??? 10 internets to anyone that gets it right.

Last but not least I got a nice surprise in the mail today:

I got a smoking deal on a set of original e30 Racing Dynamics headers. Having only had one set of 'ebay' headers in the past I must say the quality on these is really great. I was very afraid that they wouldn't fit in the '02 engine bay, but turns out they are compact enough that there is plenty of room. I was able to get them for a steal, and I'll probably get them ceramic coated at some point. Some more pics of them:

Here you can see that I had to flip the Oil filter housing 180 degree's in order to get it to fit with the new headers. In the end it works out great because it puts the oil filter in an easier place to get to, I can take it off very easily without getting under the car.

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