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I hope your name doesn't hold true about your size man because you'll be at a real disadvantage. This job sucked. What some of these guys say are true. Incredibly difficult to get at the o2s. The one more towards the front of the car was a little easier. It's that back one that really sucks. Even if you get something back there and on to the o2, there's so little room to turn your ratchet, or even finding one thats almost the perfect length and height to do that job. If i was to do this again, I would try using a 22 wrench, but also, I would seek out a pivoting ratchet with multiple extensions of different size. That or an adjustable one. If i had that extension with maybe even a u joint at that time, I think I wouldn't have had such a hard time. Since you're also on your back and shaking your car around as you attempt to crank that thing loose, i recommend sturdy jack points, with maybe even your rims laid down for extra security. Also, find something for leverage. I was using the long metal jacking stick from my jack. Worked wonders.
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