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Alright guys, its been a long time since I even tried to remove that DISA bolt.
Now, I have to do the CCV and OFHG, I can't really NOT remove that bolt.

Tried the dremel yesterday to use the flat head. Even using the largest of the flat heads, it kept on slipping. I made the slit a bit too wide I guess.

Now my options are:
1) to dremel the bolt head off and use vice grips or something like that to remove the bolt after the DISA comes out. (Is this even possible to dremel the bolt head flat given its position?)

2) Drill a hole and use screw extractor of some kind. I saw some in harbor freight, but scare to drill there because of the confined space.

To OP: How/what kind of drill and procedure did you use to use to be able to get the screw extractor there?
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