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Originally Posted by brew View Post
Sea salt on chocolate or caramel is disgusting. In Portland my wife and I once went into a store that sold nothing but different kinds of salt. The sales lady was explaining all the different kinds of salt they had, and was saying stuff like, "Ooh, this is black salt from Cypress, it goes really well on ice cream" and "and this is red salt from Hawaii, this goes great on chocolate". I looked at her like she had two heads. Straight out of Portlandia.
I'm surprised you would have that kind of reaction, you are a bit of a foodie. While i'm sure the person at the store might have been a tad bit too passionate about salt, it has its place in non-conventional food groups... chocolate definitely being one of them.

If you doubt me, well then lets start with the basics. How do you feel about chocolate covered pretzels?
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