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Originally Posted by SweTurbo View Post
The M54 is a great engine to FI, you just need to keep the cylinder pressure low enough and the temps low aswell.

Bdave dont know what he's talking about , 10:1 is just .5:1 lower than stock.
Internal component weakness ? Really ? S52 crank and rods that are used in 10k rpm machines are weak ?
The harmonic dampener and oilpump are it's weaknesses.(And possibly the headbolts that strip the block if you overheat it)

What i would go for are raceware headstuds or custom M12 ones , a coopering HG and 9:1 pistons with eagle H-beam rods.
That setup should handle 30psi safely, run it on E85 and advance the spark instead of raising the boost(cylinder pressure still applies)

My 8.2:1 build without turbo keeps up with a stock 330, maby my tuning is better than stock but the power loss isn't that big.

Contact wiseco and have pistons made at your own chosen compression, contact vaio(some numbers) for an oilpump and start wrenching
You have not been keeping up with current trends here in USA. High compression Turbo builds of 10:1 (he said he needed new pistons, so order in 10:1) are popular right now. And its not ME talking, its Chris from HPF (Orange track car high compression turbo build on C12) and Larry at Sound Performance who advocates high compression E85 turbo builds.

I do believe those guys DO know what they are talking about. I am merely passing on their information.
The whole concept is not to LOOSE any more throttle response than is necessary when the car is out of boost. The higher you can keep compression, the better the car performs out of boost.
E-85 takes care of any knock issues and helps spool the turbo faster according to Larry from Sound Performance in Chicago. E-85 has a massive cooling effect and will help very much in keeping temps down.

If you have any questions, please address them to those two individuals.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with SweTurbo's approach, but there you will gain more throttle response by doing a high comp build. The car will have much better manners in HPDE say in exiting a turn if you happen (it happens) to not be in boost. The car will just be more fun to drive as a High Comp build. The M54 motor isnt the most powerful in the world so it can definitely benefit by keeping compression relatively high.

I suggest talking directly to Larry at Sound Performance in Chicago. His email is listed in his signature. He can explain your options a lot better than I can. With the right direction you can have a very serious build that runs circles around other conventional low comp builds.

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