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Feel free to check out our ST Coilover reviews. Here's one of them -

Originally Posted by hybrid90 View Post
Hi all!

Thought that I would put my two cents out there for anyone who's interested.

Today, I had the ST Coilovers installed on my ZHP Coupe to replace my aged suspension. I would like to thank Jurrien, Gilbert and Jason over at Modbargains for helping me out with all of my suspension questions and helping me to acquire the ST Coilovers. I would also like to thank Chris and Alfie over at Joey's Custom in Santa Maria for installing and adjusting the suspension. They did a great job and went out of their way to make sure I was happy with the install and adjustments.

Now, the results.

When they first pulled the car out of the install bay, it was slammed. And it wasn't even all the way down. As much as I loved the way it looked, it was just a bit too much. So we put it back on the jacks and raised it about 1/2-3/4". I was very happy with that, so we pulled it out of the bay again, and checked the measurements to be sure that it was even. After establishing that, they took it for a quick test drive to check for any rattles, noises, rubbing or "clunking". It was all good and tight. But one of the benefits of them taking it for the test drive, I got to see how it looked coming and going down the street. Just made me fall in love with the car all over again.

So, now I took the car for a quick spin. 30 miles later, through everything that I could put it through (freeway, high speed curves, low speed and climbing twisties, uneven pavement and rough road as well as in-town driving), I knew that I had made the right choice in suspension. It was tight without being bumpy and harsh, smooth without the floaty feeling and handled like it was on rails. Essentially, it handled like a ZHP. The only thing I noticed was that at low speeds in town (under 20 MPH), you could really feel the irregularities in the pavement, but I could live with that. I was worried that the suspension would be too bumpy and stiff, but even my wife commented that it was not too harsh and felt only slightly tighter than the factory ZHP suspension when she took the car for a quick run to the store.

Now I know that my stock suspension was badly in need of new shocks so you might think that this wasn't a good comparison, but I have recently driven a ZHP coupe that had not been modified in any way and only had 42,000 miles on the clock. That's actually how I knew that my suspension was in need of replacement. As for my modifications, the only thing different was that I am running the factory E92 Sport wheels which have the same specs as the factory ZHP alloys, with the exception of being slightly more aggressive offsets.

This weekend, I'm planning on doing a slightly extended test run to Santa Barbara through the San Marcos Pass (HWY 154) which is a combination of slight elevation drops and rises as well as easy curves which run along Lake Cachuma on the north side of the pass, and then long sweeping high speed curves on the south side coming into Santa Barbara. To me, this is a great test as it's not quite freeway speeds (55MPH most of the way), but still fast enough to enjoy pushing the car through the curves without REALLY breaking the law. Enough to really feel the car doing what it does best: Driving and handling the curves. This is SPECIFICALLY why I bought this car five years ago.

To anyone thinking of upgrading their suspension: SERIOUSLY consider the ST Coilovers. I do not think that you will be disappointed. Especially considering the price of these vs. a shock/spring combo. Very good ride, great handling, easy adjustment and the build quality is outstanding.

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