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Originally Posted by remshot11 View Post
I have been taking Muscle Pharm- Assualt as a pre workout and I have seen really good results with it. You guys should try it out. You take it 30 min before a workout and it gets me really pumped up and focused!
Assault is honestly O.K.

Nothing wrong with it, nothing special either in my opinion.

I've noticed that Pre-Workouts are a very personal thing. What is fantastic for one, might be a turn off to others.

I've tried C4, (new C4 no 1,3 DMAA,) Jack3d (1,3 DMAA), Craze, Hemovex, D-Stunner (1-3 DMAA).

I personally love workouts that get me "in the zone" and for that I love DS Craze. Check it out on bodybuilding forums and read up the reviews on each of the pre-workouts so you can find the one that works for YOU. Not me

Craze doesn't give me a body pump the way Jack3d does, best explanation I've heard is that it feels like adderall. (Grape Craze by the way)

You walk in the gym 30-45 minutes later feel fu**ing righteous.

I literally stayed in the gym for 1.5 hours just pounding out set after set after set, I didn't even realize how in the zone I was. Then I got home and typed out 12 pages for my Psych final paper like it was a breeze. Basically this ish feels like NZT from Limitless. Had more than one person say the same thing. I haven't coughed up liquified spleen juice either, or bled from my eyes so far so good.

Don't take Craze if you're looking for a pre that will give you pumps/aggression/tingles, it's not that kind of pre.

Jack3d gave me great pumps, good endurance, decent focus, overall solid product. Has beta-alanine, I personally don't mind the tingles, other people hate them so be careful. Also has the 1,3 DMAA in it, no it's not banned, and no they don't have any intentions of ceasing production.

D-Stunner I'm having a hard time giving this one away, absolutely no redeeming qualities that I can find. No focus, no energy, strangely aggressive, and it makes me sweat. Has 1,3 DMAA, Beta-Alanine.

CLIFFS for *******s who say TLR

DS Craze is the best Pre I've tried when It comes to mental mood/focus/euphoria/motivation. $30 for 45 servings, 1 scoop is more than enough for stim tolerant people as well.

Jack3d is extremely solid, dependable old-school feeling pre, good cost to serving.

C4 tastes amazing, does nothing for me.

Assault isn't special in any way.

Experiment and find what works for YOU.
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