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Originally Posted by Edgar3498 View Post
Power wise i would like to hit the 400 450 somewhere over there with stock internals if possible. I will make a bulletproof bottom end but if i can achieve this with stock internals i will be happy. E86 is very accessible to me
What do you plan on running for an ECU (have you got that far yet in planning?). If E85 is relatively available to you I personally would run the stock 10.5:1 compression ratio and tune the car to the lowest blend of ethanol you typically see in your area. Maybe thats 70%? Ethanol is a VERY capable fuel, and even on probably 40% ethanol you'd have no problem making 400-450rwhp on a turbo'd M52. You'd want to likely redo your fuel system from front to back, including uprated pumps to support the additional flow needed for E85. Some would say you're fine using existing lines and just installing an uprated pump.. which is probably true as well but that depends on your budget.
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