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Originally Posted by cuprafenix View Post
Will you note the difference in daily driving?
Gonna fit some KW v2's and tought about the sway bars also...
Will you need end links to fit them?

Daily driving is a touch rougher because with the thicker sways your wheels travel (flex) up and down less independently. So uneven or rough roads are alittle more jostling, but definitely tolerable. It's worth it to me.

You can use OEM endlinks, clearance with control arms is close but not an issue depending on your drop (remember the whole system moves together so you don't really have to worry about hitting). As far as rear endlinks, the Hotchkis sways include new rear endlinks.

I will advise AGAINST running too short of an endlink up front. Ideally I found you want the bar @ about a 90 degree angle with the endlink. I was running the shorter Moog Chevy Impala (rear) endlinks up front, which raised the bar much higher increasing the angle. They were almost too short for my setup. One night driving on rough city streets I heard a loud pop and upon inspection the endlink tab on my coilovers had twisted and snapped off. Not a weld failure either. So I had to call up my friend and get a new lower shock housing.

I'm current running Hotchkis front endlinks with the new updated balljoints, which are adjustable, but do not really go any shorter then OEM. They are thicker overall, and so far have performed without a problem. Unless you are slammed, you shouldn't need to change endlinks to make up for clearance issues with the control arms.

I found running the sways @ middle up front and full stiff in the rear works best for me in combination with my front shocks being 10 from full soft and rears being 1 from full soft (daily driver on D2 coilovers). With the fronts and rear shocks both set equally at full soft the front tended to dip/dive harder into corners. Now it holds flatter and responds better for me. So my advice would be to run your front shocks stiffer then your rears. I've been told the oppisite holds true for FWD cars. Some one might want to argue that, but that's what makes me happy. Just play around till you find what works for you.
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