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Originally Posted by Tb151 View Post
Thanks guys, and the pics suck, I will try to get better ones. iPhone camera with crappy lighting. I'm generally not happy with the quality on most things these days but this kit is great. Solid wood, and easy to work with. Raymond, I also didn't mean that the Home Depot / Lowes kits were crap, perhaps I was being a bit too dramatic. What turned me off is that I looked at one of the displays at Lowes I believe and half of it was broken or breaking. It didn't inspire confidence
No, i was being facetious....lol

I have installed the wire ones in one home and the wooden ones from Lowe's.

I agree that they are cheap, but I needed to do something to replace the wire shelves that came with the house, but I was not going to pay 900 bucks for one small closet like my neighbor.

I could not find another reasonable alternative and I needed something quick.

I have considered building some from scratch but I am concerned with how I will build the drawers with the hardware. That is new ground for me.

I might just do one or two closets like you have.

I like what you did.
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