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Thanks guys!

Sooo nobody (on any of the forums) was able to guess what this guy was for:

I suppose it was a fairly hard thing to guess lol. Not many BMW's are running 6 LSX coils.

I decided to use these over the normal BMW Coil-on-plug for two main reasons. First, the m20 doesn't have a very elegant way to mount a COP setup. It has been done, but since the spark plugs are on the side of the head it normally looks a bit hacked together. Second, since I'm using MS3X for my engine management, the LSX coils can be wired directly into the ecu. The BMW coils need a separate circuit to drive it, so simpler ended up being better.

Here you can see how I angled them on the mounting board. This will let the plug wires be run nicely along the firewall over to the engine.

Also, this was my first real part from aluminum the included welding. Overall the welds are getting better, but I have a long way to go. I put to much heat into it in a few places, but I'll blame at least some of that to trying to weld 1/8" sheet to 1/2" tabs.

And here is where I will be mounting it in the engine bay. I'm hoping to be able to use the stock plug wire holder (slightly modified) or make a new one that mimics it's function. That will keep the wires from draping across the valve cover or falling down onto the headers.

I swear those headers look better everytime I look at them...

Next up on the list was to tear into a perfectly good radiator. I bought it back before I figured out how I wanted to run my coolant hoses. Now that I've figured that out, of course the outlet for the radiator is on the wrong side. In order to fix this, I cut off the outlet from the passenger side.

Next I'll make a plug for where the outlet used to be. I also had to reduce the diameter of the outlet from 1.75" to 1.5". To do this I just cut out a section and welded it back together. Here you can see that the inlet and outlet are the same size, like on a normal M20.

And here you can see how it will be once I weld the outlet in it's new location. The last modification I will have to make is a small block off plate that goes in the middle of the driver's side. This will direct the coolant from the inlet -> across the top half of the radiator -> down the passenger side reservoir -> back across the lower half of the radiator -> out the outlet. I didn't feel like going through the heat transfer equations to see exactly how this would effect the cooling, but considering Griffin Radiators also offers the exact same setup I'm making now (if only I would have bought that to start with) I'm sure it will work just fine.

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