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Originally Posted by Edgar3498 View Post
So how bigger would i need to go in injector size and what pump and filter. Would my vf kit injectors be enough. Sorry for my ignorance.
That would depend on turbo size (assuming turbo) amount of boost predicted and estimated RWHP.

I found Areomotive tech department very helpful in calculating flow of E85 needed (in pounds per hour) for builds with known turbo size, known boost and and estimated RWHP. Their calculations help determine fuel pump requirements and injector flow requirements.

A rough (as in not exact) rule of thumb is that for the same RWHP that you would get using gas or race fuel, you must enlarge everything by 33% to flow the amount of E85 needed. This has to do with BTU's and efficiency.

This would be a good time to start doing some serious RESEARCH (as in SEARCH, GOOGLE etc) on the subject of using E85 for forced induction (primarily turbo) applications.

The benefits are numerous...cooler, less soot and deposits, cheap per gallon costs, faster spool time. Race gas type power available ALL the time at pump gas prices!

E-85 does not come out drawbacks too..harder to store, water absorbing qualities, larger flow hardware needed, and so on. Time to do some heavy reading I am afraid. There is tons of information on this forum, other forums and the web.

Some guys (in Canada) like E85 so much that they will drive 12 hours in a rented truck just to purchase and transport drums (months supply) of E-85 in the closest areas of availability. Some of us (CA and FL) are lucky to have E85 readily available and close by. Good Luck.
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