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Originally Posted by Reddirtranch View Post
Thanks for a great informative post, what about just upgrading the HighBeam H7 bulbs with 100w and leaving everything else stock ? Will the additional current draw cause errors or fry something ?

Upgrading your high beam to an H7 bulb poses many issues:
1) the wiring isn't really designed to handle 100W for too long
2) bulbs that are rated for 100W usually last no more than 50-100 hours of use and it degrades significantly with instant on and off like for the high beam.
3) they are usually poor quality bulbs with thinner glass

it's best not to worry about high beam bulb upgrades as a source for additional light and consider them momentary add-ons in unique circumstances - flashing (informing other drivers of danger or passing) or occasional usage in extra dark areas.
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