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According to this page, the ET is a bit small, the result will be that the wheel will be pushed outboard a few millimeters -- compare the specs of the wheels you already have. The concern here will be that the tires can hit the fenders -- a slight possibility in the back, no chance in the front -- and you can determine if this will happen by looking at your current clearance and wheel specs.

If your current wheel is a 7.5x17, and the Style 161 is an 8x17, then the new wheel is 13mm wider. Your current ET is 41, the new ET is 34, this moves the tire outboard another 7mm. The 13mm width is split from center, and the ET is measured from the center. Half of 13 is 7, plus 7 means the new outboard edge will be 13mm out from the current. If you can estimate that the new outboard edge will fit into the fender without hitting anything, then you are golden. Basically, if you can fit 2 or three fingers between the tire and the rear fender opening now, then you will fit 1 or 2 fingers with the new wheel package. I say you have no trouble.
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