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Revisiting an old issue.. Vibration/Jerk in the rear

okay, about a year ago I picked up my 330xi. manual.. at the beginning I noticed a shake/hesitation/jerk at around 2-2.5k rpm in second gear. After reading numerous threads on what it could be I checked a few things and this past Spring 2012 I did a bunch of maintanance to *hopefully* address that.

- My left rear axle was shot - Ordered a new one from BMWparts (OEM).
- While down there I rebuild my rear right one also, it was still good with a minor boot tear, so fresh grease, new clamps good to go.
- Also while doing that I changed out all my fluids, diffs, trans, tcase with redline stuff.
- Also I was due for new tires so I slapped some new ones on (**thought the vibration was before due to somewhat bald tires**).
- Has nothing to do with the hesitation/jerk but I did my OFHG.
- Also put in new spark plugs, NGK as recommended on here.
- Replaced my RTAB's last December 2011 with OEM M3 ones.
- Also earlier this year I replaced the flex disc and CSB because everyone was saying that's probably where its coming from. After getting to the part, I noticed both components were in mint condition but I changed them out anyways as I had the parts in my hands.

After that tune up the car felt great, shifting smooth and summer was there so it was warmer climates of course, didn't have a whole lot of chances to drive it as I have another vehicle and I was away for work a lot but the BMW performed flawless.

Just recently my other car was put in storage and now in the mornings I find I have that vibration again in the XI.. It seems to be when its colder that its more noticable, the rpm range is certainly between 2-3k rpm while accelerating in 2nd. Also I am certain this is coming from the rear end.

Some of the other things I've checked and read about...

- I checked my engine mounts, had someone rev the engine while I was watching it my engine has no movement. It's in there solid.
- Suspension was not too long ago replaced by PO straight from BWM dealership and I have the invoices so I know its not lies.. And the car feels tight. Also, the car has 217,000 KM on it but handles better than most of the rentals I've driven that contain like less than 10,000 KM on them.
- Oh and no errors codes or CEL rights after doing a scan with INPA

So please, can anyone help me out here? What else is to check/do? Please help me out!

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