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Originally Posted by Mhnd View Post
Your not the only one who missed that, I broke the bracket in pieces in order to get access to the bolt from the top. Thanks for the reminder though Now it's about a month on my new starter but I have to go back and put that bracket for the fuel line in place. The problem is I can't locate the part anywhere, it's not listed anywhere on neither the dealer has been helpful recognizing the part. I will probably end up building a custom one. Any insight on the part number for that bracket that hold the fuel line or maybe a helpful picture?!
Unfortunately I can't help you with a part number, but when I went back in that fuel line was hanging very, very close to its original position, and there doesn't seem like much that can cause danger to it back there unless you are working on the car.

My clip that fits in the bracket was a bit mangled, so it's not overly snug in there, but seems good enough.

If I was you I'd grab a cheap L-bracket from a lumber store (the sheet metal kind used for fence construction etc) and modify it with some snips and a drill to make a new one. Maybe just file down any sharp edges on it. It should do the job, you could even just zip tie the fuel line straight to the bracket.

An update on the starter noise (sorry for spamming the thread, I just know when I do this stuff I love finding someone that had my same issues and how they solved them. Noise is going. Did it only on maybe 3 or 4 starts. Maybe some grease just had to work around the pinion shaft, but it starts like a champ!
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