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Finished modifying the radiator tonight.

Cut out a plug and welded up the old outlet port:

Then I cut a new hole on the opposite side and welded the new outlet in place:

The last thing to do was to make the internal baffle to make the coolant flow through the plates instead of just down to the outlet. so I cut out a section so I could access the middle of the driver side tank:

Then I made a cardboard template for what I wanted the baffle to look like:

Template turned into aluminum baffle:

Baffle welded in place:

With the baffle welded in place I put the cutout section back in place and welded it as well:

Here's is a pic of it while I was doing the leak test. Luckily for me all my welds held! No leaks. Now that I know my welds functional I just have to work on making them look pretty lol.

And here you can see how the modifications simplified the routing of my coolant hoses. I wish I could do something to move the water pump -> thermostat hose, I may try to fab up a hardline of some kind, but I'm not going to worry about that for now. Also, ignore the wonky bends in the coolant hoses in the pic, I just used some I had laying around. I'm going to try and find some more universal silicone ones that match the needed paths better.

Thanks for looking!
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