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Originally Posted by choxor View Post
Welcome, but the showroom section would be the most appropriate place for this.
I dont think this should be in the showroom since its not only pictures but also a thread about problems and stuff

Originally Posted by ryannel2003 View Post
Welcome the forums! I bought a bit of a fixer upper myself so I understand where you're coming from with that.

Honestly though, the rough idle could be anything. I would suggest searching for user "jfoj" and clicking the links in his signature. He has a whole list of things that could be related to the idle. As for inside the intake, mine looked similar and I have no performance issues so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Curious, do you know if anything on the cooling system has been replaced? At that mileage, you're looking at the least a water pump, expansion tank, and thermostat. It's very easy DIY. I'm not a mechanic and I never worked on my previous cars, but these are very easy to work on and the parts aren't that expensive either.

Good luck! Hope you enjoy the car!
Had it for a month and so far love it. Except for a few problems. I dont think any of the cooling parts were changed by the PO. Would any of the cooling parts cause a rough idle? I dont think they would have any relation to eachother. I will look at his write up later on today. The thing is since im a highschool studen money is tight. I dont want to spend money on things that work right right now

Originally Posted by jneumann View Post
Listen to this man.

No codes being thrown? If you are slightly decent with computers, wouldn't be a bad idea to grab a blue VAG-COM KKL cable (FTDI chipset) off ebay for $12 and reset adaptations, read out fault memory, etc.
Originally Posted by MercForHire View Post
first world country BMWs don't need change fuel filter,waste of $

drive it for few thousand miles and see if you lose oil, if yes, change oil separator
A buddy of mine went through 2 fuel filters in the last 4 years on his e36.
No check engine light, no codes. I have a OBDII reader. As for the oil did 600 miles and looks like no oil was taken so far.

Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
Hey congrats, nice clean car Mike.
Welcome to the forum and it'll be interesting for you to see in a year what has been changed on your car. This forum is addicting.
Nice work so far on the fixes. And yes there are some great threads on diagnosing engine issues as yours.
Before I go may I suggest if you have not already done so, read your Owner's Manual. It's important to know what to do if the Check Engine light, Temp gauge and/or others gauges come on. Driving it after a light or temp gauge goes to the red can cost you a lot of money and headaches. Parts break on our cars but knowing what to do if it happens is key to keeping it from becoming more expensive.
If you don't have the Owner's Manual I can provide it online.
Thanks, I got a few plans for it however i want to get it driving spotless first. As for the engine lights, im not new to the car world, however this is my first car, i know a few things what to do incase any of them light up. Might look into it someday maybe i'll learn some new things.
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