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Originally Posted by 7to3_enthusiast View Post
Aside from not bottlenecking at 1000rwhp, how else is the 2JZ better?

Good question. I'd say that the 2J has a superior botton end, it can handle 1000 hp / 800 tq in stock form. Once built the sky is the limit.... over 2000HP has been made numerous times!

The BMW has a better head for sure, it simply flows a ton more than the 2J! The BMW will make a lot more HP at less boost than a 2J due to the head. As a side not, the 2J is available with a variable cam setup but it was only in Japan. Some of those heads have made their way over here but not many. Expect a big increase in torque with those!

The BMW motor was designed as a naturally aspirated motor, 2J as a forced induction motor. Head flow is very important in a NA application while strength is important in a forced induction application. Boost can overcome a poor flowing head somewhat!

So what does all of this mean.... I would suspect that with a similar style header on the BMW that it would make more HP than a 2J. Power is ALWAYS in the head while strength is in the bottom end. Can the BMW bottom end handle 1500-2000 HP?? No one knows yet.

As far as the drivetrain and chassis goes the 2J in stock form is about the strongest in a mass produced car that I have ever seen. The rear end, half shafts, transmission and chassis can take the abuse of 1000-1500 hp without a problem while the BMW ...... well..... it certainly needs a ton of help. To hear of so many BMW guys even in NA form tearing up the subframes is a bit disappointing.

FYI, I know a few engineers at Toyota and in Japan when they want to test out a new motor design now , they throw it in a supra chassis and beat the hell out of it on their testing track. They state that it is simply the strongest chassis that they have ever built! All of this in a car that was first on the drawing boards in the late 80s!
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