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Front signal light indicator

Originally Posted by flickinswitches View Post
Not sure how that Shows how to access the front indicators

How much would it cost to get it looked at bmw?
Depends on what the dealer rate is. It is an easy fix. Not sure on the 2001 model year but on my 2002 MY is accesed by a small cutout at the very front end of the fender under the hood. In my car it was a screw type attachment. Unscrew the screw and the asembly will come out easily. Replace the bulb and then it should work fine. I believe on some models it is a push type tab (be gentle) to release the corner light assembly. Be careful in pulling the assembly out as it is attached in two places: one is like a plug in a round hole and the other is a two prong plastic where the screw tightens down. The prongs can break easily if not careful in fitting it back in the car.
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