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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
yes it's a long standing suggestion to do water pump, T-stat and coolant changes as part of 2 year maintenance.
but let's not mistakenly tell someone if their car overheats this means they will have a $2500 headgasket job. that's only if someone continues to drive their car long after all the lights on the dash and Temp lights go on. (seem a lot of us seasoned members are having to make this correction alot lately). this is why i said make sure to read the Owners Manual because it explains this. so if you just shut it off in a timely manner all you'll need to do at the least is replace that failed part and be good.
That's what I should have posted and when I re-read it again sounded like bad advice.

OP, having extra money to spend on maintenance on these cars is pretty much necessary. I too thought that I could wait until something breaks on my car but every chance I got I went ahead and replaced parts. Fuel pump and filter, water pump, control arms, motor mounts, fan clutch, pulleys, belts, spark plugs, valve cover gasket, p/s flush, 1 ignition coil, etc. All of those parts on my car are brand new and I've had it exactly 6 months today. I would start researching for other things because while these are great cars, they do require a bit of extra attention. Everything I have listed above are things that could (most like would) have gone wrong eventually. I'm all about preventative maintenance.
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