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But you do need a compressor so you can add air quickly thus bypassing the bead sealant. Once you hear it inflating, you'll hear a loud pop so don't worry about that-that's just the tire sealing onto the rim. As soon as it's sealed get a bucket of water, and slightly pour water into the "bead" area to observe if there are any air bubbles coming out. If you see any, you'll want to get a heavy hammer or mallet and hit tire on the side as close as you can to the bead area making sure you don't hit the rim. I know you're wondering why hit it? Because that's how the tire and bead will correctly seat itself. You'll want to hit it with a medium hit, not as hard as you can okay? And do that repeatedly until you see the air bubbles leave. Most of the time it only takes the first hit and it's done. As soon as you're done airing up all tires, take them to get properly balanced. I've done this for nearly 13-14 years and counting so it's a good method we do/did in the shop.
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