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Over the years I have been through quite a few different exhaust setups and none of them really brought out that super aggressive tone I was looking for. I had OEM Section 1 with AR25 Resonators, Super Sprint Section 1 with racing cats, Super Sprint Section 2 with custom 2.5" dump valve, Active Autowerke Generation 3 exhaust, Active Autowerke Generation 4 exhaust, Gruppe M Exhaust, Rogue Engineering El Diablo Track Edition Exhaust; and I think that's it.

Finally, I completed an exhaust setup that I think sounds THE BEST! I've heard a bunch of exhaust setups on various supercharged M3's and none of them had that sound that "means business." They all sounded puny with a ton of rasp. I wanted to get rid of the rasp, mainly, and have a sound that is distinct to my car. -I think the 3.5" mid-pipe was the trick.

My FINAL exhaust setup is as follows:
-Evosport Headers
-Fluid MotorUnion Custom 3.5" SINGLE Pipe Section 1 & Section 2
--No Cats
--No Resonators
--QTP 3.5" Exhaust Cutout Dump Valve (Controller built-in to ash tray)
-Agency Power V1 Exhaust

I did not complete any dynos before and after, unfortunately, just after. I didn't have time to do so since we were in a time crunch to complete the parts before an upcoming car show. My car really woke up after, though. It felt like the car just 'flowed' better or came alive. You don't gain anything from the valve (per-say), it's just there for the "Cool" factor. With it open, you lose a lot of low end power, but gain top end power (you can feel it). Again, it's just there for the cool factor. The sound is super aggressive and sounds better than ANY other exhaust system imho. Most M3's sound like sh!t because they rattle like a tin can, and even the ones with the rasp terminators still don't sound mean enough. I think it's the 2.5"-2.75" they all run and the fact that the mid-pipes are broken down into 2 different sections; one using 1 pipe and the other using 2 pipes. 1 3.5" pipe flows more air than 1 2.5" pipe dumping into 2 2.5" pipes or vice versa. If that makes sense.

I have a friend with a similar exhaust setup as mine, but he is NA and running a single 3" from headers to exhaust. He has a couple threads of dynos before and after via Evolve tune. I would assume that with a blower or turbo, the gains would be even more drastic.

Here is the build thread:

Here is the the thread with dyno numbers:

Those should give you a good idea on what to expect and then some, especially if you're boosted.

Here are pictures of the build (Photos by Andrew Krok @ Fluid MotorUnion and John Bieronski):

Videos of Exhaust:

Idle Rev:

Cutout Closed, Rev + Acceleration:

Cutout Open, Rev + Acceleration:

I'll update the thread with flyby's when I get a chance to do so.
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