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Good morning,

I personally don't see anything snarky with the email below *referenced above, sorry you feel that it is meant to be taken that way. We simply went over the situation and how to resolve it. Shipping is non refundable. Please send the product back to the address below and we will process the return within a few business days of receiving the package.

This was the last email we sent to you. We explained our position on the product, that the resin issue is on the part which is not visible at all once installed, and that the product itself would work just as any other pair of splitters would work. I apologize if anything we emailed you was taken as snarky, really that intention was not meant to be.

We are not zappos or amazon, we don't have enough money coming in per order to offer a refund of shipping, we have however been able to brush by with free shipping at 150, this gives us just enough margin to keep the business going and patiently waiting to add more products by saving our money, and enough to give free shipping in the US via ground service. We think this is pretty decent, if we could include return labels which each product, we would, same as offering free shipping at any level, but our margin simply is not there for us to operate like that. Same with the phone issue, if we jacked our prices up like pretty much everyone else online, we would be able to hire someone full-time for phones, we just don't have the money to do this. We reply to emails quickly, from mobile, while we are in the office, and even while we are out off the clock, we do this to balance out not being able to take inbound phone calls.

The product is listed as not pre-drilled, and we have a short sentence or two on our recommended installation procedure. People use 3M tape to install full width lips on their cars, so most customers use 3M tape for this, if we pre-drilled them it would cause way more problems than it would solve, there are 'nipples' on the splitter shown above where the factory, likely the same position as the OE splitters (if made?), recommends pre-drilling.

After your first email, you explained you want a full refund, with no restocking fee, that they were not pre-drilled (the picture will be changed to reflect this, though the text already does, not an excuse, just an explanation again) as you were lead to believe, and that you shouldn't have waited so long for shipping. The picture, we simply didn't really notice it to be with the holes drilled. We shouldn't have mistakes like that, but since it's a less than commonly sold product, it got overlooked, sorry.

Our reply was explaining that we don't have them pre-drilled, that the flaws would be completely hidden unless removed from the car after installation, we also included our return address at the top of this email. We answered your issue, explained how we felt, and offered the refund. The next email was you asking for a full shipping and handling refund. That just is not our policy, sorry that you're unhappy with this, hopefully there's something we can do about this in the near future, but honestly it's rarely come up as an issue. We were not justifying anything, not attacking or badgering you in any way, just explaining our position. We are not, and never had mentioned, any restocking fee.

The walmart analogy was apparently not as clear to you as it was in our head. When you buy something from any retail store in real life, you have to go to the store, purchase it, bring it home. When you want to return it, you have to go to the store, and return it. That's just how we see things right now, we can't afford to, if you're still following this analogy, go to your house and pick up the products. I know other businesses do this, but they also make a boat load of money, to be honest, we really don't.

I understand you're upset and let down with the quality of product you received, which is why we had, and still have, no issue with accepting a return, we just need the product and we will give you a full refund. Sorry that the way we are going about this isn't the way you prefer, but again, we replied in one email explaining everything and offered the refund as you requested, as soon as we get the splitters in we will process the refund.

Sorry again, for letting down your expectations.
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