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Originally Posted by Sound Performance View Post
Good question. I'd say that the 2J has a superior botton end, it can handle 1000 hp / 800 tq in stock form. Once built the sky is the limit.... over 2000HP has been made numerous times!

... snip ...

FYI, I know a few engineers at Toyota and in Japan when they want to test out a new motor design now , they throw it in a supra chassis and beat the hell out of it on their testing track. They state that it is simply the strongest chassis that they have ever built! All of this in a car that was first on the drawing boards in the late 80s!
Do you have any technical or scientific reason for believing the 2J has a superior bottom end? Do you care to say anything about the how one motor maybe better than the other in terms of reliability (presuming the vanos issue is a maintenance consideration only)?

One considerations that came to mind in high performance applications is cooling. Do you have information to suggest that either of the engines' cooling system may be less uniform or somehow suboptimal resulting in issues that stem from a design oversight?

I think testing a new motor design makes more sense if done on an engine dyno, as long as you have a proper facility for engine R&D that is, but I could be wrong... I certainly am not making a comment about the robustness of the supra chassis.
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