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Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
So is it louder with a single 3.5" pipe. I know it founds super sexy. Butvusbit louder also?
And what does it do to the power and torque vs the dual pipe setup?
Yes, it is "louder", but there's no rasp or drone (just a little) inside the cabin. To see the power gains of a 3.5" pipe, you'd need to be supercharged or turboed because you'll lose all the back pressure necessary for a NA motor/setup; especially with no cats or resonators.

I believe 3" is the maximum recommended diameter for a NA exhaust setup. One pipe from headers to exhaust is better than 2 pipes dumping into 1 pipe in terms of exhaust flow and power.

I wish I did some dyno runs before and after this setup to show the difference.

Here is a thread with pictures and a video of my buddy's similar exhaust setup, but he's NA running a 3" single mid-pipe; complete with dyno charts:
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