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Originally Posted by taylor192 View Post
Great work... yet I always wonder why people just wrap the bottom of the wheel and not the top with the controls.
I think that's how the OEM carbon trims are done that's why we just do the bottom half...

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wow this is great i def wanna do this!

Originally Posted by benzovs View Post
Dude... seriously!!!? You did an awesome job. A + on effort, work, and results!! Oh yeah... have you stabbed it? With a knife or some other sharp object? Just to see if it fails and peels?

Originally Posted by omarmarji View Post
lol funny guy this guy

Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
To the OP: I have not read every single page of this thread. But I did do a bit of research when I followed that guys link to why one step processes are bad.
I think what you did so far is fine...not use the 400 grit but used scotch brite instead. The Leaherique paint has the benefit of an exact Imola match so I would use that too.
Now, here is the best idea of all. Go the the UK site of the Furniture Clinic and buy their matte clear finish. Evidently that gets rid of the tendency for the Leatherique paint to be too glossy. But most importantly it extends the durability of your job by THREE times!!! You just cant ignore that. Plus it is the proper way to do it. BMW applies a clear coat evidently.

I think you need to email the Furniture Clinic to get just the clear coat in a matte finsh. I highly urge that you do this since you have done such a great job so far. Three coats of the clear will make your job last WAY beyond two years. They say that with out the clear coat you can see significant wear in just two years. The clear will extend the wear to 7 years and possibly beyond.

To anyone thinking of doing this job I would defintely email the Furniture Clinic first. They DO offer custom colors and specialize in re coloring auto interiors. They even have a complete kit for that. Nobody knows leather like the Brits. Even if the place is owned by a Jamaican LOL.

I think I would try talking to them first. not to discredit what the OP has done. It will likely be fine too as long as he uses the furniture Clinic's clear coat.
Gotcha! Thanks for the info. I'll try to ask contact furniture clinic next week and see what they have to say.
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