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Main computer re-program needed?

Originally Posted by newtuner View Post
Step 20:
Now you can take your new Starter and hook it back up to the wires. It's a tight fit but I found if you have the gear end pointing up it will fit back in. Try not to force the starter in with the bolts. Seat the starter in place then slide the bolts on. I didn't have a Torque spec for these bolts, but I made sure they were tight. Make sure the electrical connections are tight you don't want them working loose. Here is a picture of what mine looked like, the problem was most likely due to all the Carbon build up. Plans are to rebuild my old one and have it as a back up.

Here are the tools I used, as you can see this repair can be done with mostly common tools and some time. It took me a day and a half to do this, but that was with not knowing what to take off or how to get to the part. I would say with this guide this DIY should only take 4 to 6 hours.

Step 21:
Once your done putting everything back together you can reconnect the battery cable. If you happened to open the doors while the battery was disconnected you will see the window will no longer pop down when you open the door or roll up when closed. You will have to reset this feature once the battery is reconnected. For each window roll the window all the way down, then all the way up. Hold the window button up for 20 seconds after the window has finished rolling up. This should reset the cracked window feature, just repeat for each window. The only thing left is to reset the clock, but that is in your owners manual. Have fun!!!

Let me know if I have missed anything or left anything out.
New turner AWESOME!!!!!
Man you have done all of us a great service and have done a great effort writing this DIY that is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!!!

Did you have to re-program the main computer with the original factory software to replace all the functions due to having no poer for such a long time?
I have an e46 325Ci and will be trying to do this but i'm afraid to lose all the programmed functions since I have a vert.
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